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Tip 4: Ongoing Termite Prevention Measures After Treatment

Tip 4: Ongoing Termite Prevention Measures After Treatment

Stopping termites from invading your home again after treatment requires some diligence. Here are a few tips for ongoing termite prevention:

  • Inspect your home at least once a year for new signs of termite tubes or damage. Catching them early is key.
  • Have a trained pest control professional do periodic monitoring and maintenance treatments around your home’s foundation and any known infested areas.
  • Eliminate any wood-to-ground contact by maintaining a 6-inch gap between soil and siding, stucco, wood decks, etc.
  • Ensure gutters and downspouts are working properly to direct water away from your foundation. Check for leaks regularly.
  • Keep firewood, construction debris, and leaf litter far from your home’s perimeter. Don’t give termites resources!
  • If building any additions on your home, treat underlying soils first and use termite-resistant materials.
  • Consider installing a smart termite monitoring system that can detect activity and alert you.

Staying proactive and diligent about these prevention measures will discourage termite colonies from re-establishing in your home after treatment. With regular monitoring and early detection, you can stop a new infestation before major damage occurs. Maintain awareness and protect your investment.

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