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Tip 5: Summary Checklist for Termite Control

Tip 5: Summary Checklist for Termite Control

Termites are persistent pests that can take over your home if left uncontrolled. If you have termites, I recommend a full treatment plan followed by ongoing prevention measures. Here is a summary checklist of tips for effective termite control:

  • Inspect annually for signs like mud tubes and wood damage. Act immediately if found.
  • Eliminate moisture risks by fixing plumbing and gutters, sloping soil away from the foundation, and ventilating crawl spaces.
  • Remove wood debris and tree stumps from the property. Move firewood, mulch, and woodpiles far from your home.
  • Seal cracks, holes, and crevices in the foundation and exterior walls using caulk or sealant. Leave no openings!
  • Get professional soil treatment and use termiticide around the entire foundation and any infested areas.
  • Consider advanced treatments like localized injections or baits if evidence suggests a major infestation.
  • After treatment, have yearly monitoring and maintenance applications done by a pest control company.
  • Maintain proper clearance between soil, mulch, wood, etc. and any part of your home’s exterior.

Follow these tips diligently to both eliminate and prevent termite infestations. With persistent monitoring and treatment when needed, you can protect your home from destruction by these stealthy invaders.

Call us if you need more advice 0480-091-022. Our team of licensed, insured and experienced technicians utilise cutting-edge thermal imaging technology and Termidor treatment solutions to eliminate termite infestations.