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Total Termite Protection

Best Termite Treatment in Brisbane QLD

For over 15 years, Termites Gone has provided expert termite inspections, treatments and prevention to homes and businesses across Brisbane. Our licensed, insured and experienced technicians utilise cutting-edge thermal imaging technology and Termidor treatment solutions to eliminate termite infestations. 

We service all areas within 35km of Brisbane city, including suburbs like Chermside, Albany Creek, Aspley, Bald Hills, Banyo, Boondall, Bracken Ridge, Brendale, Bridgeman Downs, Brighton, Caboolture, Camp Mountain, Cashmere, Clontarf, Dakabin, Deception Bay, Everton Park, Ferny Grove, Fitzgibbon, Gaythorne, Geebung, Gordon Park, Griffin, Hamilton, Kallangur, Kedron, Keperra, Kurwongbah, Mitchelton, Morayfield, Morningside, Murrumba Downs, Narangba, Newport, North Lakes, Nudgee, Petrie, Redcliffe, Rothwell, Sandgate, Scarborough, Strathpine, Taigum, Warner, Wavell Heights, Zillmere and more.

As leading pest control experts in Brisbane, we specialise in effective termite treatment and inspection services for residential and commercial properties. Termites can rapidly damage the structural integrity of your home if left unchecked. Don’t delay treatment – the costs will only increase the longer you wait.

Our certified technicians use proven methods to fully eliminate termite infestations. We provide a customised solutions based on an inspection of your property. Extensive termite damage is preventable if caught early. Don’t risk thousands in repairs when affordable treatment is available.

Contact us today to schedule your termite inspection. We will identify any trouble spots and provide you with an action plan to proactively protect your property. Our goal is to arm you with the expertise and treatment options to address termites decisively. Our timely interventions can prevent severe consequences down the road.

Call us directly on 0480-091-022 to schedule a visit to your property.

Thermal Imaging Termite Detection

Termites Gone uses state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras to identify hidden termite activity in both residential and commercial properties. This allows our technicians to pinpoint infestations that may be hidden behind walls, under floors or within structures. Thermal imaging is more accurate and efficient than traditional physical inspections or sounding methods. We can thoroughly inspect your entire property without needing to drill holes or remove fixtures. Our thermal inspections identify even the smallest early signs of termite infestation before major damage occurs.

We Provide Termite Detection, Treatment & Protection Services

Thermal imaging

Our cameras aid in the detection of termites and moisture

Brisbane Termites

The 'Coptotermes acinaciformis' is the most widespread species in QLD

Termidor Certifed

We are certified in the use of Termidor pesticide. This barrier is fatal to termites

termite Spraying

Spraying Termidor around the building foundation creates an effective barrier

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Termite Prevention and Protection in Brisbane QLD

You want termites gone for good? We're the experts for the job.

In addition to inspections and treatment, Termites Gone provides long-term prevention and protection against future termite invasions. Our Termidor chemical treatment creates an invisible barrier around your foundation and structures that termites cannot detect. Termidor binds to the soil, remaining effective for up to 10 years and stopping termites in their tracks if they try to tunnel onto your property. We also address any conditions attractive to termites, such as moisture issues, wood debris and soil contact with your home’s exterior. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive termite prevention plans.

deck and pergola

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Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale Inspections in Brisbane QLD

You want termites gone for good? We're the experts for the job.
Brisbane home for sale

When buying or selling a home in Brisbane, a professional pre-purchase or pre-sale termite inspection is a must. Termites Gone has performed thousands of termite inspections for home buyers and sellers throughout the region. Our detailed reports identify any signs of termites or conditions conducive to infestation. Thermal imaging allows us to thoroughly inspect your property without needing to cause damage by drilling or removing fixtures. Give yourself peace of mind before one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. Contact us today on 0480-091-022 to schedule an inspection.

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Complete Termite Elimination in Brisbane QLD

You want termites gone for good? We're the experts for the job.

If termites are detected on your Brisbane property, Termites Gone uses an integrated approach to eliminate the infestation and prevent future attacks. We locate the full extent of the infestation using thermal imaging. Then we develop a customized treatment plan using Termidor, a long-lasting Termiticide that binds to soil for up to 10 years. We may also use foaming agents, drilling and trenching depending on the severity and location of the termites. Our expert technicians can eliminate active colonies and provide ongoing barrier treatments.

spraying termites

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Total Protection for Your Investment

You want termites gone for good? We're the experts for the job.
new home buyer

Your home or business is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. Protecting it from expensive termite damage just makes sense. The specialists at Termites Gone have the tools, experience and Termidor solutions to keep your property termite-free. Our services range from one-time spot treatments for current infestations to proactive preventative barrier treatments for long-term defence. We provide both DIY and professional treatment options. Contact us today on 0480-091-022 to discuss the most effective termite control for your situation.

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Fully Licensed and Insured

You want termites gone for good? We're the experts for the job.

You can have confidence in letting Termites Gone into your home or business. We are fully licensed for termite control services in Queensland, insured for your protection, and back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians are long-term employees, not subcontractors, so you know exactly who is performing the work on your property. We maintain the highest standards for safety, training, and continuing education within the industry.

Full insured and licenced

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Convenient Payment Plans Available

You want termites gone for good? We're the experts for the job.

Don’t let the upfront cost of a termite treatment discourage you from protecting your investment. Termites Gone offers flexible payment plans to help spread the cost over time with low monthly payments. There are no hidden fees or charges. We want to provide solutions to fit your budget so you can gain peace of mind knowing your property is termite-free. Contact us on 0480-091-022 to learn more about our reasonable rates and payment options.

typical termite treatment prices

Termites Gone provides expert termite inspections, treatments and prevention to homes and businesses across Brisbane.

Termite infestation
A standard termite inspection typically costs $250-$350 for a single story home. Larger homes can range from $300-$500. This includes a visual inspection plus thermal imaging to identify any signs of termites. This includes a detailed report with suggested remedies.
termite inspection
For a single story home, termite treatment typically ranges between $1,500-$2,500 depending on the size of the foundation that requires treatment. Two story homes average $2,500-$3,500. More severe infestations or difficult to access areas can increase costs.
Termite Treatment
A preventative termite barrier installed during construction averages $1,000-$1,500 for a single story home. Existing homes may pay $1,500-$2,500. Barriers utilise Termidor treatment around the home's foundation.
Termite Barriers
Termite bait systems average $1,500-$2,500 depending on how many bait stations need to be installed around the property. Baits also require quarterly monitoring at approximately $100 for each company visit.
Termite Baits

Early signs can include hollowed wood, crumbling drywall, buckling floors and a temporary “swarm” of winged termites. We use thermal imaging to catch difficult-to-see activity behind walls.

We safely use Termidor, a Termiticide that binds to the soil for up to 10 years, creating an invisible barrier that termites cannot detect.

A preventative Termidor treatment around your home’s foundation creates a protective soil barrier. We also address moisture issues, wood contact and debris conducive to termites.

No, Termidor can be used safely around pets and vegetation when applied by our certified technicians. The active ingredient binds tightly to soil.

While we can supply effective DIY options, professional treatment allows for a more thorough process using tools you don’t have access to. Our expertise is your best bet.

Cost depends on the size of your home, type of treatment and severity of infestation. We provide free estimates so you know the exact cost options for your situation.

A house can be saved from termite damage depending on the severity of the problem. Fixing termite damage involved inspecting a home, exterminating any termites within and repairing or replacing structural damage before restoring the affected area cosmetically. Termite inspectors, structural engineers and general contractors all assist in the process.

Yes, termites can come back after treatment. Termite treatments can effectively exterminate active termite colonies. However, unless preventative measures are taken after treatment, termites are likely to return to a home where they’ve been before. Homes need to be sealed, treated and inspected annually to prevent any future termite infestations.

About Termites Gone in Brisbane QLD

Termites Gone has provided trusted termite inspections and solutions throughout the Brisbane region for over 10 years. Our team of licensed, trained technicians have the expertise to detect termite infestations and implement effective treatments that eliminate colonies and prevent future attacks.

We are locally owned and operated, proudly maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our positive reputation has led to rapid growth solely through client referrals. We look forward to serving you!

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